Sundog Lit

Sundog Lit publishes writing that scorches the earth.

Sundog Lit is all about what emerges from the ruins, not in what idles in the calm before the storm.

Sundog Lit is blood, rusty gears, the sweat of toil, working-class, revolutionary, everyday.

Sundog Lit is literature that rages.

1st Annual Sundog Lit Contest Series

1st Annual Sundog Lit Contest Series


With Issue 8 of Sundog Lit (our first print issue), we will be publishing the winners of the 1st annual Sundog Lit Contest Series, with winners in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

All entries will be accepted through Submittable between October 1st, 2014, and January 1st, 2015. 

The winner in each category will receive $100 and two copies of Issue 8. Runners-up will be considered for publication…

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Announcing: Issue 8 (PRINT ISSUE) w/ Contest Winners & Chapbook Feature

Announcing: Issue 8 (PRINT ISSUE) w/ Contest Winners & Chapbook Feature

8 gray

With Issue 8 of Sundog Lit, we will be launching our first print issue. From October 1 – January 1, we will accept submissions for this special print issue. In addition to the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry we normally love, we will also publish a single chapbook (of either fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or some hybrid creation) in the issue and the winners of the 1st Annual Sundog Lit Contest…

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Introducing: Nothing Works Until It Does: Texts Inspired by Dolan Morgan’s THAT’S WHEN THE KNIVES COME DOWN

Introducing: Nothing Works Until It Does: Texts Inspired by Dolan Morgan’s THAT’S WHEN THE KNIVES COME DOWN

Morgan Page Header

Starting August 11th, Sundog Lit is excited to bring you Nothing Works Until It Does, a series of texts inspired by Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down, from aforementioned productions.

We begin today with two texts inspired by Euclid’s Postulates:

  • a GIF translation by Amelia Gray
  • a song by Kyle Hillbrand

& two pieces inspired by Interior Design:

  • Domestic Spaces by James Tadd Adcox
  • St…

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Issue Six is Here!

Issue Six is Here!

I6 Cover

Issue Six of Sundog Lit is live! Go, feast your eyes and brains on this spectacular issue. So many great, powerful voices.

Poetry: Justin Brouckaert | Doug Paul Case | Caleb Curtiss | Adam Gianforcaro | Emily Grelle | Brett Elizabeth Jenkins | Laura Kochman | Shane McRae | Jory Mickelson | Dianne Turgeon Richardson | Pyper Stever | Ashley Strosnider | Lisa Summe | Russ Sara Woods

Fiction: Rijn…

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Friday Rex | May 16, 2014

Friday Rex | May 16, 2014

Summer’s coming. Get out a beach chair, even if you’re not at the beach. Put it in the middle of your living room. Make some summery whiskey drinks. Blow up a beach ball. Relax. Take in some Friday Rex for your recommended reads.

iO Issue 12 is out. There’s Christine Shan Shan Hou’s TO THE WICKED KEEP FAR AWAY:

Where a worm curls into a feeding position and stays there
I let my body wash beads…

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